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We all have a story, here's mine.


I grew up on a small farm in rural Maine where I learned about the natural world by living with it - the animals, the land, the seasons. Each Spring, I would stand barefoot with the warm sun shining on my face, digging my toes into the still frozen earth. The contrast in feeling - two things being true at the same time while living in harmony and nature - spurred my creative perspective. I loved to adorn myself as a young person and, like so many, found jewelry to be a comforting armor. It wasn't until I took a simple silver fusing class (in my 30's!) that I realized that as much as I loved wearing jewelry, I really wanted to MAKE jewelry.


Making jewelry feels like home...a place I am comfortable growing, trying new things and accessing my creativity.


I alchemize raw pieces of earth - rocks and metal - with the elements of air, fire and water to transform them into something new. I use an intuitive approach to design, drawing inspiration from the materials at my bench and the world around me, like the walks around the block with my kiddo and the nesting doves in the lemon tree outside my studio.  I use recycled metals and responsibly sourced stones.

Many Hands

The work I make is the visible representation of support. The time I take, the materials I acquire, and the nurturing of a creative process is only made possible because of the many people who support me. I want to acknowledge the many hands that support me as an artist.


My deepest gratitude to: Lauren, Shilo, Liz, Emma, Avory, Susan, Jeannie, Dan, LuzMarina, Jessie, Mom, Pop, Carlin, Laurel, and Brianna

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